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July 2013

With our business magazine, Insider we look at why job creation and business growth could be boosted by the Government's new Employment Allowance which wipes the first 2,000 off an employer's national insurance bill. In business finance, recent data revealed the SME appetite for borrowing, and bank lending, have both fallen. And finally, in Your Money, we look at the news that less than half of those who should be saving adequately for retirement are actually doing so. Are You?

In our Active Business Update we take a closer look at VAT and how recent developments may affect you.

Our Summer 2013 HR update includes best practices for employee engagement. We also look at a recent social media bullying and harassment case study.

June 2013

Business Insider takes a look at the proposed legislation announced in the Queen's Speech and consider how businesses are likely to be affected. We touch upon the relaxation of employee share buy-back rules for businesses, intended to encourage take up of the employee-ownership model. We also look at technology and asking if your business needs a more modern approach to the way it operates. Finally in Your Money, we discuss interest only mortgages after research has warned that some borrowers may be unable to fully repay their loans.

What might your retirement look like? Whatever age you may be planning to retire, the financial impact needs to be considered. This is particularly important now given the stock market recovery we have seen in 2013, albeit against the background of a sluggish economy and continuing low interest rates. Our guide looks at some important considerations when planning for income in retirement. information.

Company Car Taxation focuses on car tax rules and how tax legislation is being used to encourage businesses to acquire more environmentally-friendly vehicles.

May 2013

Business Insider includes a look at how the Government's business bank got underway with the first £300 million set aside to lend to small and medium sized business. Elsewhere we're seeing how the changes to national insurance contributions affect 'sleeping partners'. There's also changes in the amount of charges that can be applied to debit and credit card transactions. Finally in Your Money, we look at recent research into savings habits and ask, are you making the most of your annual allowances?

With our Active Practice update we discuss further on how you can you can make the most of your savings by showing you a range of tax advantaged savings options.

In Business Update looks at the regulation and rate changes that came into place April 2013 as well as those regulations coming into force in October 2013.

April 2013

Business Insider recaps the Chancellor's Budget and look at the highlight announcements that could affect your business or personal finances. It also looks at plans to give employers greater influence over apprenticeship qualifications and standards - what does this mean in practice? We examine responses to the news that millions of UK adults have left work to care for a family member. And in Your Money news we look at the discussion around ways to reduce the number and cost of whiplash insurance claims.

HR Update focuses on managing and employee's return to work after a stress-related absence. We also have a case study on age discrimination in the workplace.

Pay As You Earn Update gives you some more information on Real Time Information (RTI). As well as updates on tax benefits and limits that will be changing from 6th April 2013.